Culture step

The free schooling program “Culture step” is organized for people whose native tongue is not Estonian and who are interested in learning more about Estonian culture, nature, history and everyday life. The program consists of 25 academic hours worth of lectures, discussions, study trips and visits.


If, how and when to participate?

Each year there are two event seasons, the spring program and the autumn program (Sept - Nov and March - May). Registration periods will be announced by the Estonian Institute in September and February.
Each season has limited places. All the people who register will receive information about when they can start with the program.


Each participant can select their own schedule!

The participants receive more information and the event schedule after registering in the program. Each participant can freely select the events they want to participate in based on their interests and possibilities. Each event is worth a certain amount of academic hours. Each participant needs to complete 25 academic hours worth of activities.


In which languages is the program available and what is it about?

The events are held in English and Russian as group activities. Each group has 10-40 participants depending on the event. During the events participants visit museums, exhibitions, go to study trips, participate in lectures about Estonian history, food, entrepreneurship etc. In the beginning of the program there will be an information day and in the end a graduation ceremony, where each participant who has completed the program will get a certification.


Registration has finished!

Registration for the spring season of 2020 has finished.
Further information will be sent to all participants during the final week of February.
If you missed the registration period this time around, we hope to see you next season!

Registration is closed 


The project is partnered with local cultural establishments and NGOs. We are also very thankful to our Estonian volunteers.

    Eesti vabaõhumuuseum
    Estonishing Evenings
    Tallinna Linnamuuseum
    Tallinna Keskraamatukogu

Become a volunteer!

if you wish to participate as a volunteer by helping to organize events (helping with the registration sheets, taking photos, participating in discussions etc) then please contact the Estonian Institute at

As a volunteer you’ll be able to participate in all the events for free while learning together with other participants about Estonian culture and society. The program offers a chance to connect with people from across the world.



The Culture Step program is organized by Estonian Institute

Eesti Instituut

MTÜ Eesti Instituut
Suur-Karja 14, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia
Oleme avatud E-R 9:30-17:00
(+372) 63 14 355

Valeria Mihhailova

Valeria Mihhailova
Culture Step project manager, coordinator of the Russian program

Martha Liise Kapsta

Martha Liise Kapsta
Coordinator of the English program